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Muileann Rod
Muileann Rod

Muileann Rod

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This machine is widely used in ore selectivity experimental research and artificial heavy sand grinding of ores. The grinding medium is adopted with steel rods. Rod mill has advantages of uniform discharging particle size, less  phenomenon of over-crushing, and high efficiency.

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Rod mill is driven by a motor through a reducer and surrounding large gears, or a low-speed synchronous motor is directly driven by a surrounding large gear to drive the cylinder to rotate. There is an appropriate amount of grinding medium-steel rod inserted in the cylinder. Under action of centrifugal force and frictional force, the grinding medium is lifted to a certain height and falls in a state of throwing or venting. The ground materials continuously are fed into the cylinder through the inlet port, are sheared and crushed by the moving grinding medium, and are extruded out of the cylinder by force of overflow and continuous feeding to the next process.

Its grinding medium of steel rods can be replaced by steel balls for use of ball mill with larger capacity for one time. When using steel rod for grinding, strength of output products is uniform, both wet and dry materials can be ground into fine particles, and working time can be set randomly. Feeding. Discharging and cylinder rotating can be electrically controlled without manual operation which avoid fatigue and errors caused by manual operation.

Rod Mill (2)

Meud beathachaidh<2mm<3mm<3mm
Output Particle Size0.074mm0.074mm0.074mm
Cumhachd Motair0.25KW0.55KW0.55KW
Meud1025 * * 530 1160mm1025 * * 530 1160mm1025 * * 530 1160mm
net Weight90kgs155kgs180kgs


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